Breath fresh air indoor and stay healthy

Breath fresh air indoor and stay healthy

Every person spends about 90% of the time indoors, hence is out duty to keep the air fresh and pure inorder to stay healthy. And to make sure that the indoor air is safe, they use air purifiers and air filtration products. People deal with air pollution daily. And facing the same problem at home becomes more disappointing. You need an environment that is free of contaminants and pollutants that affects your health.

Luckily, air purifiers and air filters have become a sound tool and useful investment for homeowners who have elders with them. It minimizes the growing concerns about clean air and reduces the effects of harmful pollutants. That’s why choosing an air purifier that passes the quality control measures, and standards is necessary. As such, products have various functions; there are chances that the slightest issue in any of the components will affect your quality of life.

HEPA Air Purifiers used in allergen and dust particles reduction

Activated Carbon Air Purifiers used in chemicals and odor reduction

Electrostatic Air Purifiers used as dust filters and allergen filters

Ion Air Purifiers removes contaminants and pollutants temporarily

UV Light Air Purifiers to kill bacteria and viruses

air purifiers and air filtration products

 Incineration Air Purifiers used for contaminants, bacteria, and viruses eradication

Air purifiers are basically fans that filter polluted air. It sucks the air in and passes it through the filters to capture the unhealthy particles that float around. Without even realizing, every time a person opens the doors and windows, cooks food, or comes home, they bring more particles that pollute the air inside homes. No one even pays attention to the air quality unless a family member gets sick from the effects of the polluted air.

Ask Experts For Help Through Testing

No matter how hard you work to clean the air of dust, smoke, or VOCs (volatile organic compounds). The indoor pollution don’t really goes away. That’s why there are expert services like Unitests that perform the tests on your behalf. Even if you have air filters and purifiers inside the home, you’ll need to get them tested as well to ensure that they are working efficiently.

The professionals at Unitests will check the air purifiers and air filtration products to ensure that they are doing the job well. With the help of the professional testers, you can avail heating and cooling services like

Gas ducted heater,

evaporate cooling,

split systems,

ducted reverse cycle

Along with this, they can also handle the smoke alarm servicing and carbon monoxide testing jobs. Unitests excels at commercial and residential testing, repair, maintenance, and overall servicing. So, get in touch with experts with today and book an inspection online. You can also get a quote online by filling the form. Just provide your name, email, number, address, and service requirements, and the Unitests experts will be at your service in just no time. From reducing your gas bills to saving your life from fire hazards or carbon monoxide poisoning, get every safety device and equipment checked before it’s too late.

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