Types of tests for covid19

Types of tests for covid19

The current popular issue in the world is covid19. It is as much dangerous virus if you are not concerned. There is no medicine for this virus. Taking safety precautions is the basic treatment to this virus to prevent and to get rid of our lives today. Of course, getting vaccine and medicine to this virus is needed. But self care is very much helpful not only for today but also for throughout of our lives. Washing hands regularly, keeping your body and your place surroundings clean is mandatory to overcome this virus. Most of the people assume that those who get cold, cough, fever are called to be covid19 virus. It is not true. You have to be tested if you are majorly concerned with shortness of breath like problem. Even though you want to know whether this virus got attacked you or not is possible only through coronavirus test only.

Let’s see some types of tests to check this virus; 

Actually there are of 2 types of test. One is viral test and other is antibody test. This viral test will detect that the infection is present or not currently. Coming to antibody test, it will identify that whether you are having any kind of infection in the past. Moreover this antibody test will not tell you any infection that affected you presently. It takes much time around 3 weeks approximately to develop antibodies after got infected if so. It doesn’t mean that these antibodies will protect you from virus. In some cases it is possible and in some cases it is not. Based on immunity levels, the virus will be gone.

coronavirus test

After getting the coronavirus test, you will experience the following pattern of results:

If the test results as positive, then depending upon your immunity system and the past medical history etc, preventive measures will be taken by the respective doctors. Similarly if the test results as negative, it isn’t mean that you are in safe zone. You have not fallen into sick at that time when your sample got tested.


Following the basic safety measures like frequent hand wash using hand washer, soaps, sanitizers are advisable to use. Especially shaking hands are avoided and wash your entire household items that got purchased and if any of your relatives visit your house, just take care of yourself. Moreover do follow the rules of the respective government made and stay at home is the best option in today’s mechanical life. Of course, professionals mostly are experiencing work from home and staying safe at home. This is what virus testing is considered when you face any suspicious health conditions. Don’t get panic and get the test done.

Hence following the above information, tests are advisable to cases which are ought to do and at the same time it is not mandatory to do for all the people those who are not related to contracting virus in any ways.

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