Explained some of the crucial hair loss pills treatment

Explained some of the crucial hair loss pills treatment

Currently, hair loss origination is one of the most booming industries. Every hair loss organization is striving to at the top with the latest and the most advanced hair loss remedy. And that hair loss company that doesn’t have the most advanced technology are even willing to pay a top dollar to bid for the best medication. Check out the latest hair loss medication here https://www.thehairypill.com.au/. Below explained crucial hair loss pill remedy that will help you understand more about this medication:

Hair loss pills

Hair loss pills are among the most popular treatment that most hair loss companies are continually searching for the most effective pill since different types are now available in the market for everyone who would wish to give them a try.


Propecia has been widely for decades as the biggest and effective remedy. Propecia goes by other famous names like Proscar and finasteride. It was marketed originally under Proscar then sold as a BPH drug that enlarges prostrate. Later they discovered that it was also blocking a DHT, resulting in pattern baldness. That’s the reason it became advertised under Propecia.


Side effects of Propecia

The side effects of Propecia are that it’s the only medication that was meant strictly for men. It can also cause severe birth faults, which can even transfer to the skin. That’s why women are strongly advised not to use it. Additionally, men are recommended to seek medical consultation before using this pill since it may cause liver diseases or prostate cancer.


Another popular hair loss pill is Avodart, which is also the same as Propecia. Avodart is also prescribed to cure BPH. The only difference is that DHT consists of two different types that affect the hair. Propecia blocks it all, where Avodart can block it all.

Hormone replacement pill

Hormone replacement pill contains progesterone and estrogen that are usually prescribed for a woman heading to menopause. It can assist in stabilizing her hormones, which will help her restore her hair. Also, it has been reported curing androgenic alopecia or female hair loss pattern. It also assists in reducing the number of hormones in men.

Diane 35 and 50

Diane 35 is another women’s hair loss pill; however, it’s only sold in Europe, but they have shown significant effectiveness in stopping hair loss and assisting in new hair growth. It has also been reported that it prevents osteoporosis, which has been the biggest issue in most women worldwide. The only side effect of this drug and many others is that it will only work while you take them. It can be a big problem since it makes many people avoid them.


As many pills have emerged in the market to treat baldness, many companies are producing many others. Visit here https://www.thehairypill.com.au/ for more information about the hair loss pills.

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