Hair Loss Problems In Men Possible Causes And The Best Solution

Hair Loss Problems In Men: Possible Causes And The Best Solution

Men experience hair loss earlier than most women. For some, this is a sign of ageing, but there are younger men who are now having problems with receding hairlines at such a young age. Some think that there is no solution to this problem. But in reality, there is. In fact, there are now non-surgical hair restoration or replacement options for hair loss problems.

What Causes Hair Loss In Men?

One of the major causes of hair loss in men is male-pattern baldness. This is a genetic trait that usually runs in the family. Other than genetics, hair loss may also be caused by taking certain medications, excessive levels of Vitamin A, or not having enough protein in the body. Also, illness can lead to sudden and heavy shedding which is referred to as “telogen effluvium.”

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Hair Replacement vs Hair Restoration

Some people mistakenly misinterpret that hair replacement and hair restoration is totally the same. But in fact, these two are totally different procedures. It is crucial that you know the difference between these two before you go ahead and decide:

  • Hair Restoration. Hair restoration is also called ‘hair transplant. This process involves the replacement of hair that has been lost. The hair is transplanted from one part of the scalp to the other. This is where the hair is taken from high-density areas and relocate them to the less-densely populated parts of your scalp. With hair restoration, you can benefit from a more natural look, natural growth, and improved self-esteem. However, this procedure may not be for everybody since this can be expensive.
  • Hair Replacement. The hair replacement option for men is currently the most popular trend. This includes toupees, hair systems, wigs, and of course, the Hairskeen hair replacement. This option is fitted for a more natural look. But like your real hair, this can also be coloured and styled to your preference. Why more men choose this option? It’s because it is more affordable and can make you achieve a natural look as well.

Hair Replacement/Restoration Options

One of the most popular non-surgical hair replacement method is Hairskeen. But this option is more than just replacing the hair. This surely does more than that. That is why men from all across the world consider this as a more convenient alternative that is not only fashionable but also trendy. Guys of all ages now consider this hair replacement option as the best for them, especially to those who do not want permanent hair transplants.

Both for men and women, the hair is a crowning feature. It does not only change the shape of your head and face, but also of your perfection of how you look. Also, your hair can make you look slimmer, taller, or shorter and a little on the chubby side. So if you want to gain a little bit more confidence or look younger than you age, then this non-surgical replacement method is for you.

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