Substantiated Advantages of Hair Removal by Laser

We have hair everywhere on our body that we desire we did not have. From our legs and faces to underarms, we waste hours waxing, shaving, and trying other hair removal methods to remove this undesirable hair. Hair removal by laser treatment is the most beneficial way to eliminate unwanted hair. If you have become bored and exhausted from waxing and shaving but if you aren’t very convinced if you’re prepared enough for laser treatment for hair removal Singapore you must keep reading.

Listed below are some proven advantages of hair removal by laser treatment.

What Is Hair Removal by Laser?

It is an easy process, it should be executed by a certified and licensed laser technician.

How does it work?

A licensed technician uses a laser light on the area from where any unwanted hair has to be removed. The vibrations of the light emitted through the laser light invade the hair and also the hair follicle, eroding the root of the hair and deterring the hair from growing again.

Hair growth happens in three phases, for the light to erode the root effectively, the hair shaft requires to be in the phase of growth. This is why numerous treatments are needed. To capture every hair shaft in the growth phase, several sessions are needed to space out approximately at least every four weeks.

Other ways of removing hair

There are many ways to peel off body hair and facial hair however there are advantages and disadvantages to every method.

All these methods have been productive alternatives for various reasons, however, hair removal by laser treatment is the choice for anybody who is looking for long-term treatment.


It is a lasting hair removal alternative. This procedure is about inserting a fine needle promptly into the follicle of the hair, this kills the hair shaft at the root level and deters the hair from coming back again.

Unlike hair removal by laser treatment, which eradicates multiple hairs in one go, electrolysis gets rid of every individual hair one at a time. It can be very painful and time-consuming. It depends on the extent of the region, you might have to withstand a couple of hundred needles before you see noticeable outcomes.

Depilatory Creams 

These creams work rapidly, however, they could be sloppy to use. These creams also include harsh chemicals.

It is not uncommon to notice visible redness and a burning sensation in the area of treatment after applying depilatory creams, particularly if you are someone who has super sensitive skin.


Out of all the procedures for hair removal that occur, waxing is supposed to be the most uncomfortable.

It pulls hair successfully from the hair root, however after waxing the area you get an amount of hair regrowth. For someone who wants soft, hairless, and smooth skin all the time, it’s not an outstanding alternative.

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