How Your Health Can Benefit from Cryotherapy

Most people aren’t familiar with what cryotherapy is and what it does. Well, it means “cold therapy.” It’s exposing any part of your body or your whole body to ultra-cold temperatures for a few minutes. You can benefit from cryotherapy even from having one session, but it’s recommended to have it regularly for the best results.

Lessens Migraine Pain

If you’re one who has regular migraines and medicine doesn’t seem to be working anymore, believe it or not, cryotherapy reduces migraine pain. Because of the incredibly cold temperature, cryotherapy can numb the nerves when focused on a particular area – in this case, the neck. According to various studies, applying ice packs in a neck wrap over the carotid arteries can significantly deplete the pain that migraines bring. Since the carotid arteries are only below the skin and are easily felt with only slight pressure, the procedure that cryotherapy provides cools the blood down that passes through these blood vessels.

Nerve Relief

This can be very advantageous for physically active individuals. As mentioned above, cryotherapy can numb pain due to its cold temperature. That is why it is used as a treatment for injuries by physical therapists and doctors. They use the cold to numb any irritated nerves and insert a small probe, enough to pass through nearby tissues, as treatment. This procedure relieves neuromas, pinched nerves, and acute injuries related to nerve damage.

Keeps Moods Down

Even though cryotherapy is a physical treatment, its effects are internal, albeit temporary. For people with psychological disorders such as anxiety, bipolar disorder, depression, or any disorder associated with a direct impact on a person’s mood, cryotherapy is a known effective treatment. The temperature it gives when doing whole-body cryotherapy causes responses in hormones physiologically. Hormones released include endorphins, chemicals that help alleviate stress or pain; noradrenaline, the hormone that focuses on your blood vessels during a fight-or-flight response; and adrenaline, that focuses on the heart.


Decreases Arthritic Pain

Studies have shown that not only does whole-body cryotherapy effectively treat mood disorders, but it also dramatically reduces the pain that arthritis gives, whether it be rheumatoid arthritis or osteoarthritis. The treatment was surprisingly well-tolerated that this gave physical and occupational therapists an opportunity to more aggressive treatment programs. With better rehabilitation programs in place, the faster it is for the patient to return to function and do activities of daily living.

Low-Risk Tumor Treatment

As unbelievable as it sounds, yes, targeted and has a way of reducing low-risk tumors from growing and can be used as a treatment for cancer – called cryosurgery. It does wonder by freezing the cancerous cells and eventually surrounding them with ice crystals. This stops the cell’s growth, thus, leading to its death. It’s now being used for low-risk tumors and particular cancers such as prostate cancer.

If you’re planning on having a cryotherapy session soon, make sure you have consulted your doctor first. You might be at risk for contraindications. If you’re not comfortable with whole-body cryotherapy, then opt for instead. You can choose from several ways on how to apply it on you.

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