Meniscus Tear Alleviating Knee Pain For Better Mobility

Meniscus Tear: Alleviating Knee Pain For Better Mobility

When it comes to knee pain, the common causes are arthritis and injuries. This two behind knee pain can wear and tear on the joints. There are some other causes like rheumatoid arthritis or due to too much twisting. The pain can affect the movements in the lower part of the body. Bending or straightening the knee might be hard when there is terrible swelling. It can cause trouble putting weight on the knee when there is a locking feels. Simple knee pain can lead to ligament injuries or meniscus. 

Meniscus Tear Overview

The human body composed of different bones and joints, the knee has the largest joint in the body. It allows the leg to bend with the help of menisci, C-shaped like pieces of cartilage. It serves as a cushion between your thighbone and shinbone. This cartilage within the knee joint is the one responsible for stress protection. When you walk, run, climb, and bend, you are putting pressure to your knee. The meniscus helps you to do it all while balancing the pressure within. This is why a torn meniscus might cause trauma affecting your knee mobility.


Torn meniscus might be from forceful twisting of the knee joint. It might cause pain, swelling, and stiffness that can affect your knee joint’s mobility. There is a blocking feeling in your knee and have trouble extending them. If you happen to tear your meniscus, you might have a popping sensation. It is unbearable especially when twisting your knee and lead to motion difficulty. That piece of cartilage within your knee has become loose causing a blocking knee joint. If this is the case, you need to see your doctor for a check-up. It needs immediate treatment at Before it could get worse, address the possible cause with your physician.


Contact Your Doctor

If you experience the symptoms, contact your doctor. You can also move them little by little until the pain is gone. But, if the pain persists for more than a few days, you need to treat it right away. For cases like injuries causing knee pain, you better contact your doctor. There might be some infection happening that you should not take for granted. Knee locks can enable you to bend your knee and it can be painful or swollen. If you think you can’t move your knee the usual ways, seek medical advice.

Doctors would usually give physical examination especially if you have a medical history. They will examine your knee after telling them the symptoms. And further do checks for tenderness along the joint and within the meniscus sits. This would figure out how you tear your meniscus. There are also some imaging tests, x-rays, and other high-end examination for the worst case.

Recovery Time

Depending on your injury or pain, the recovery can be short or so. There are some people that usually heal faster than others. It is better to see your doctor more often so you would know what activity that won’t aggravate the pain. Going back to your regular level of physical activity might slow down the recovery. So, make sure you are in good condition and feeling better before moving it out. Prevent massive movements that might injure your knee again. Give it some time to completely heal.

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