How Your Mattress Secretly Plays a Critical Role in Weight management?

memory foam mattress

We all want to get that ideal body weight and figure and we try almost every single tip and trick to lose weight. While the key focus always remained proper diet and exercise, the least we knew that our mattress can also help us to lose extra weight.

You must be shocked by hearing this. But, it’s as true as gospel. It always worked from behind that’s why not many people know that the right mattress can help you gain the bodyweight that you always dreamt of.

Are you curious to know more about it? Let’s get started.

How a mattress supports weight management?

Apart from your diet, genes, lifestyle, underline medical condition, and physical activity, sleep is one thing that affects your body weight in ways that you couldn’t imagine. If you’re not having good night’s sleep then odd are high that will start gaining few ounces as day proceeds.

The connection between sleep and your weight

 Many recent studies have established a solid connection between sleep and body weights. We have come up with a few crucial onesmemory foam mattress

  • When we sleep, our body starts maintenance work. It repairs the cells, renovates minor damages, and work on our metabolism. When you cut down your sleep hours, you actually shorten your body’s maintenance period. Hence, you start gaining weight.
  • With a lack of sleep, you wake up tired and don’t have enough energy to work out or do daily chores energetically. You feel lethargic and you start finding ways to be at comfort all day long which, in return, prevents you from burning calories and gaining weight.
  • When you’re tired, your brain’s reward centers become activated and they start finding for the comforting things. Many times it leads to overeating or indulging in various food craving. Both the things add up in your body weight.
  • Lack of sleep leads to hormonal imbalances. You will experience a high level of Ghrelin, a hormone that signals your brain to eat more. While Ghrelin increases, Leptin, a hormone that signals your brain to stop eating, decrease big time. All of it leads to overeating in return.

What to blame for poor sleep?

Well, there are many things to get blamed for poor sleep. However, the most common yet overlooked reason is a lumpy mattress. When your mattress is not supporting your body and not offering you a comfortable sleeping surface, then odds are high that you toss and turn in bed all night long.

So, what’s the way out?

As we all know that sleep affects our body weight in a number of ways, we can’t afford to have a bad sleep. Keeping all the things aside, the first thing that can assure you for a good night’s sleep is a memory foam mattress.

  • By supporting you for a good night’s sleep from all the directions, this mattress type can help you do weight management without doing rounds of efforts. Here’s how it supports you in your weight loss journey.
  • We all have a particular sleeping position that is comforting and help you sleep well. However, if the mattress is very rigid, you’ll fail big time to attain that perfect sleeping position. Orthopedic memory form mattresses are very comforting. It comes with great adjustability and easily takes your body shapes. So, it molds as you want and helps you get that right sleeping position.
  • If you are a very light sleeper and wakes up as your partner changes position then consider buying memory form double bed mattress online. It comes with great motion isolation ability. So, even if your partner turns as much as you do while playing rugby, you won’t get disturbed.
  • If you’re allergic and wakes up night due to the dust that your mattress traps all day long then mattress made from memory foam is a real bliss. The base material here is polyurethane foam which ensures no accumulation of dust mites on the surface. Hence, neither you sneeze nor you wake up at night.

Gain sleep, loss of weight

If you’re struggling hard to upkeep the ideal body weight, consider buying the best memory foam mattress today. This is the only way to experience good night’s sleep and keep your weight managed and under control. It’s not only the weight management wherein you’ll be helped with it.

There are tons of things that’ll help you. It’s a whole goodie bag that you must grab for sure.