What Is the Latest in Bariatric Surgery?

As there is a massive climb in the domain of technologies, the medical industry has just gone way too deep in succession. There have so many varieties ofadvances in bariatric surgery. Let us discuss and find out what all changes have made in some of the most popular weight-loss surgeries.

Gastric Sleeve therapy

One such weight loss surgery which has undergone a lot of modifications is the gastric bypass treatment.It is now somewhat very different in contrast to the traditional method. The process which isthe gastric bypass surgery makes the stomach smaller. 35 per cent of the patients who have the gastric bypass tend to put on more than half of their overloadmass inside five to seven years of their foremost operation. There are several causes of attaining the weight back after years. There is one technical breakdown of this surgery that after some time of the treatment, the stomach pouch stretches and lets in a large number of calories inside the body. If you are in search of a weight-loss cure, then do prefer the advanced bariatric surgery in Lubbock.

Lap band surgery

It is another most useful practice to fight against excessive fat in the body. But this can also make you bulky after some time. A band is placed around the belly to put a stop to the food ingestion. The major concern of this type of surgery is that most patients lead to boost the weight back again, and they have suffered from nausea and vomitingdue to the shift of the band. Do encounter the advanced bariatric surgery in Lubbock.

Overstitch Gastric bypass revision therapy

Unlike the gastric sleeve cure, the overstitch gastric bypass revision surgery takes only an hour that means you don’t have to reschedule your time or day for having this treatment. This process does not engagein making kind of scratch for opening up the stomach, and the recovery time is quite swift. The patient may face some sense of vomiting for a few weeks. It is pretty essential for the ones who have the gastric sleeve surgery in the past and yet gained weight. It is a non-surgical method in which the surgeon uses a stretchy tube attached with a torch and camera.


So here we wrap up with the subject of what are advances in bariatric surgery.We hope you have received sensible details about every new technique.

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