Understanding Erectile Dysfunction in Men and the Reasons Responsible

Understanding Erectile Dysfunction in Men and the Reasons Responsible

People who are suffering from erectile dysfunction need to apply genuine ways to get rid of it. This will improve their ability to get and maintain the erections. Viagraprecio will make you perform better in bed and erectile dysfunction will go away or it will become less severe.

In this article, you will come to know about Viagra precio and genuine ways to get rid of erectile dysfunction in an easy-going manner. There is no way by which you can cure this problem permanently overnight. In order to catch natural and permanent solution to your problem, you need to have some patience. Before you go into the details to cure erectile dysfunction permanently, let us have a look what erectile dysfunction is.

Erectile dysfunction

When we discuss about the sexual problems of men, erectile dysfunction is the most common problem, which men of all ages suffer from. Other problems are premature ejaculation and low sperm count.

When men are unable to have an erection, which is sufficient for the sexual intercourse. In other words, we can say that erectile dysfunction is the inability to penetrate penis because it is not hard enough.

How men get erection?

When you get a hard on, your penis is flooded with good amount of blood for erection. This process starts when you have a sexual thought or you are sexually stimulated. This is the time when neurotransmitter dopamine starts releasing in your brain. A message is sent to the muscles of your penis to produce nitric oxide. Nitric oxide has blood muscles to expand so that it can hold more blood.

Testosterone is an important hormone, which enhances the process of filling blood in your penis.

Understanding Erectile Dysfunction in Men and the Reasons Responsible

How common is this problem?

There are several surveys in this regard and an erectile dysfunction survey revealed that this problem might be more prevalent in certain countries. Whatever the case is this is a problem, which men around the world face. According to this report, there are approximately 80 million people on the planet Earth. Let us assume that half of the population is men and approximately 20% of men are suffering from this. This means 20% of the world population is suffering from erectile dysfunction.

Common cause of erectile dysfunction

If you want to have a proper erection,then it is imperative to maintain the blood in your penis. If your vital organ is unable to maintain the level of blood, then you will lose the hardness. If there is something, which is hindering the process of blood supply to the vessels inside the vital organ, then it will be difficult for you to achieve an erection and maintain it.

There are several reasons, which are behind the proper supply of blood to vital organ.

Low testosterone

This is fuel, which will make the sex possible. This hormone is required for men because it governs the reproductive system and supports it. It enhances the ability to produce sperm and have a proper sex drive. In absence of this hormone, you will suffer from the erectile dysfunction. Several factors are responsible for adding testosterone levels and some of the reasons are stress lack of sleep unhealthy diet and sedentary lifestyle.

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