Touring Portugal for more than just beaches and Golf

Touring Portugal for more than just beaches and Golf

Despite being a country full of cities with enjoyable activities such as golfing, fun, and beach leisure, Portugal has been among the top world’s holiday destination and health tours. Any also recognizes it as wellness retreat Portugal since it is blessed with beautiful natural attractions and improved medical facilities.

 Portugal also provides crystal lakes and wealthy activities that suit the most discerning world visitors. Here are many natural features are also found in Portugal besides beach leisure and golf sports:

Abundance wellness and health spas

For many decades Portugal has been recognized as the holidaymaker’s dream. Also, frequently it has been hailed as a leading golf destination worldwide, including world-class courses and high-end resorts. Additionally, Portugal has not been left behind when it comes to providing abundant wellness and health spas that make tranquillity and scenery.

wellness retreat Portugal

Best deep-sea fishing

For adventure lovers, Portugal also provides Europe’s leading deep-fishing, and numerous sport water spot funs. But it is where rolling plains stops in unspoiled coast beaches that are the actual attraction. Portuguese coastline is about 200 Blue beaches, and most of them are hidden from primary tourist trails.

Portugal’s heritage and history

Besides all the activities and beaches, Portugal’s heritage and history can never be overlooked without mentioning the glorious climate. From the Moorish legacies to current day Lisbon, Portugal has combined the present and the past with timeless elegance. Whether you are a heritage buff or historical world culture, choose it from UNESCO world heritage websites.

Cities Full of relaxed and sedate pace

Other than anything else, cities in Portugal are full of a relaxed and sedate pace of life that attracts visitors from different parts of the world. It also keeps bringing many more fun lovers from different parts of the nation. Perhaps, it is recognized as the third leading tourist attractions center in the United Kingdom.

The worldwide economic affliction witnessed in 2008 impacted Portugal’s tourism figure, similar to many other tourism destinations worldwide. It is evident that happy days of cheaper properties and flights are long gone. But as the hotels for international tourists also dropped by 4%, while the home-grown market blossomed, it attracted nearly 4% more tourists overnight.


Portugal is blessed by an excellent climate and charming natural beauty that offer more than just a beach holiday and golf resort. Portugal’s government has been promoting tourism due to the revenue it offers to Europe west and coastal region. They particularly promote four natural features such as climate, tradition and culture, light and climate, and finally, wellness retreat Portugal. Portugal has been recognized for decades as one of the leading tourist centers worldwide. Visit any Portugal travel and tour website.

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