are already affected by this virus. The number of death is also rising by each passing day.

Is there a drug or antibiotic to treat COVID 19?

Today the entire world is at a standstill state and you are well aware of the reason behind this. Yes, it is only because of the novel Corona virus disease, also commonly known as COVID 19. It is a pandemic that causes serious illness to the respiratory tract of human beings. The disease is affecting people from different countries from all over this world. This virus is the same as other viral diseases but the thing is this virus is so deadly when compared to other diseases.

This pandemic has made a lot of changes in this whole world and more people are getting affected physically, mentally, and also economically. It is being spread at a faster rate that is thousands and thousands of people are getting affected by this virus each day. You should be extremely careful, as the vigor of this virus is increasing day by day. Regardless of their age, numerous people are affected by this COVID virus and millions of people are already affected by this virus. The number of death is also rising by each passing day.

Symptoms of corona virus

There are several symptoms that people show when they are affected by this virus and a few symptoms include dry cough, fever, cold, nausea, vomiting, and more. People start to show symptoms in the range of 2 to 14 days and some of them will not any show symptom until 2 weeks but will be affected by this virus. Since this disease is now being spread in a large amount and the number of people who are affected by this kind of COVID virus,

Since no medicine has discovered until now, the death count is also increasing but the happy news is favipiravir, an antiviral drug is showing some positive results in people when it is used on COVID patients. It is a medicine that was discovered in Japan to treat different kinds of flu, Ebola disease, and more. When the third level of testing offered a positive result, then this medicine can be used as a medicine to treat the deadly corona virus. Also, the favipiravir Manufacturer is producing a large amount of this medicine so that it can be offered to millions of people and help them to come out of the virus.

This way, we can put an end to this global pandemic and can make this world to go back to its normal state.  

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