Wax removal without surgery, naturally? Possible!

Heaven with you, warts, finally here is a cream that will help!

What is Papistop, what problems and how can it be used?

The name Papistop consists of the words HPV (human papilloma virus) and stop. The human papilloma virus can cause a number of different symptoms, including warts on the skin, which can appear primarily on the palms or soles of the feet or around the genitals, anus, mouth, or pharynx. In addition, Papistop cream can be used to treat pale, flat and bulging moles and dark and skin-colored skin growths. The cream is easy to use: for at least two weeks (up to six to eight weeks depending on the results), use a small amount of cream externally three times a day in the affected areas.

Natural ingredients

The cream is made exclusively from natural herbs (without any synthetic additives, without genetic modification). Its preparation, the exact ingredients and their proportions were preceded by a long research, which, based on folk traditions and folk medicine, produced this preparation with modern tools. The ingredients of the secret recipe were put together after a careful, long research. The active ingredients:

– bloody swallowbirch extract

– tea leaf oil

– common amberjuniper oil

– calamintha

Blood-bearing swallow (also known as dog’s milk) was long considered a weed and was then treated with whey in folk medicine. It is the primary active ingredient in a mixture of alkali mixtures of about thirty alkaloids (including coptizine, chelidonine, berberine, sanguinarine), but it also contains flavonoids and protein-degrading enzymes. In addition to warts, it also affects eczema and corns and inhibits cell division due to protein-degrading enzymes.

Birch leaf extract contains many useful substances (such as natural saponins, essential oils, flavonides, tannins, vitamin C) and these help in the care of the skin.

Tea tree oil is an increasingly popular ingredient in many skin creams, the terpenes in it help prevent acne inflammation, the oil relieves the symptoms of psoriasis and the terpene-4-ol in it helps reduce the growth of viruses in the wart and also dries it out.

Common ivy (also known as ryegrass, roundworm, barbarians) is very popular and widespread as a plant that runs into buildings, but the nature of the herb is not so well known. Yet it is also effective against burns, calluses, inflammations, cellulitis, parasitic diseases, nerve pain, ulcers, varicose veins and rheumatic complaints.

Juniper oil has antiseptic, antispasmodic and sedative effects. Its main constituents are alpha- and beta-pinene, myrcene, sabinene, limonene, and terpinenen-4-ol. Its dermatological use is common on acne-prone oily skin, cleansing and opening clogged pores.

Wax removal without surgery, naturally? Possible!

Calamintha (perlesl) contains essential oil, mainly pulegon and other terpene ketones. It is used primarily against skin blemishes and skin growths.

Papistop cream was created by careful selection and harmonization of all these ingredients.

Where can I buy Papistop cream and how much does it cost?

The cream is available on Papistop’s official website: there’s no point in looking elsewhere. To keep the Papistop ára low (eg no extra commissions, rent a room, pay staff, etc.) and ensure that only the original product is sold, Papistop cream can only be purchased in one place: on the official website , on https://www.papistop.hu

Papistop árak have changed in the past: the price is currently HUF 19,800 per tube, but there are several types of discounts available: there is a special offer available on the website for a limited time, with which you can buy the product for half price, HUF 9,900. If you buy more than one piece, Papistop is available at an even lower price. If you buy five pieces, this package can be yours for HUF 25,900 instead of almost HUF 50,000. Thus, by combining the two promotions, you can have five packages for the original Papistop price fraction.

How to get the product?

To start using Papistop, now you don’t have to run to a pharmacy, book, go back or look for resellers near you (in fact, please don’t do this because if you find our products outside the official website, they could even be fakes!), because the original Papistop preparations are not only available on the official website, but it is also delivered to your home for free. Delivery time is only 1-3 working days. To avoid losing a drop of the convenience of your life, you don’t even have to take out your credit card: all you have to do is pay by cash on delivery.

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