Exercise your way to Build your body

It is possible for every single person to develop and follow and effective exercise regimen with using just the body and its weight.  Since most people are very busy leading busy and harried lives, many companies have designed and introduced a lot of different equipment with the promise of success and good health.  Health clubs are also popular as these are started with the intent to get people moving and become healthy.  In recent past there is a craze of maintaining six pack abs. There is a race to make these six packs as quickly as possible. Here are few exercise tips that will help you to get the desired six pack figure:

Below is a list of some of the useful exercises that will help you to get 6pack abs:

  • AB Wheel Rollout: AB wheel is a specifically designed wheel for abs. In this lie down on the ground facing the floor and holding the wheel with both hands. Now keep moving back and forth with the help of this wheel.
  • Pull-ups: One of the most common exercise and vital too, to get toned abs. This does not require any special equipment and can be done by hanging yourself to any rod with the help of your hands. Make sure that you firmly hold the rod and stick and then pull yourself up against the gravity.
  • Weighted Crunch: In this exercise lie face-up with knees and feet flat on the ground. Then stretch your hands towards your knees and slowly lift your shoulders and head off the ground.
  • Do not skip cardio: AB exercises will help to build the muscles in your core and cardio will not help to directly make abs but it helps to burn the fat that covers the muscles. So it is a supporting exercise.

It is very important to understand that variation may not help to get that abs but repetition will. So, do these exercises on consistent basis!

Equipment to consider:

Under the heading of cardio equipment, one has a wide variety of machines to choose from – exercise bikes, treadmills, elliptical machines, NordicTrack (stimulates skiing), Stair steppers and rowers to name a few.  These machines offer people a wide variety of workouts and help to burn off fat and calories.  Prices can vary depending on whether it is a manual or motorized piece of equipment.  It pays to check with the doctor and sales person on which one to buy.

Strength training equipment is available in a wide variety too – some of the basics that one can invest in are walking and running shoes, ankle weights, a weight bench, hand weights and resistance bands.  All of these pieces will cost far less than investing in individual machines to strengthen different muscle groups in the body.  They also take up little space and can be stored in boxes in a closet or under the bed after use. Investing in an exercise mat is a good idea as well as it helps a person to do their exercises without worrying about slippage etc.

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