Breast Lift 101 Who Needs Breast Lift

Breast Lift 101: Who Needs Breast Lift?

Breast lift or mastopexy is a popular aesthetic procedure. According to the latest survey, there were more than 300,000 breast lift procedures are performed around the globe by registered surgeons.

Breast lift is an ideal aesthetic procedure for women to have sagging issues. The surgery is performed to lift, enlarge the breasts, and reshape the breast, giving it more youthful, and uplifted appearance. There are three primary reasons why women seek breast lift:

  • Weight loss
  • Pregnancy
  • Aging

Women who experience this type of physical change on their breast will benefit from this procedure.

Significant Weight Loss

A significant amount of weight loss due to diet and exercise can make your breasts look ugly. But with the help of bariatric surgery, it will help the breasts to look at what is supposed to be. When a woman gains weight, the skin will stretch. And as a woman lose weight, the skin is not able to retract back to its taut shape.

Any significant or intensive weight loss, or fluctuations in weight, can visibly result from a saggy and loose breast. Not only in the breast, but it can also occur in other parts of the body.

enlarge the breasts

When an ample amount of weight is lost from the breast area, your breasts will decrease in size, making it more saggy and low volume. For other women, this could be a good thing. Because excessively large breasts can cause health conditions such as neck and back pain, uncomfortable feeling when exercising, skin irritation, and bra strap indentations.

All of these irritating symptoms can be removed or decrease when the weight from the breast is reduced. Unluckily, for other women, the excess skin may not be able to retract to a smaller size. This scenario can result in breast sagging, or pendulous breasts which can impact a woman’s self-esteem.

Pregnancy and Breastfeeding

As part of the motherhood, pregnancy, and breastfeeding also affect the appearance of a woman’s breasts. The breast can get bigger due to excess weight from pregnancy, and may swell due to breastfeeding. Once the breastfeeding is over, many women noticed their breasts shrinking. Sometimes, the breast will back to its original shape, but most often, the skin will not, and the breast will become saggy, droopy, and empty.

Breast lift is a common aesthetic procedure performed on women after pregnancy and breastfeeding for the mothers to achieve more youthful, lifted, and rounded appearance of the breasts. For other women, choosing breast lift procedure after the pregnancy can boost their self-esteem, and will benefit their lives to become more confident as they want.

Moreover, a breast lift is a part of a mommy makeover along with other aesthetic procedures such as tummy tuck, liposuction, arm lift, and many more.


Aging is unavoidable; every woman gets aged accordingly. Along with aging are the changes from the physical body, especially, to the woman’s breast. Over time, the effect of growing older is the gravity to take effect on the body. The natural collagen and elasticity in the breast may diminish. Alongside with gravitational forces, it can cause breast ptosis, or making the breasts droop. It often starts to happen in women from their forties.

There are many ways to look and feel young as you grew older; the breasts also need help. It is advisable to wear a good push-up bra, but a breast lift surgery is the most effective solution for your breast concerns.

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