3 Types of Stress Test Exercise and Its Benefits

3 Types of Stress Test Exercise and Its Benefits

The medical world uses stress test exercise to determine how much a heart handles exertion. Moreover, it shows how a heart manages stress before having an abnormal rhythm or heartbeat. Usually, the test uses a treadmill or a walking exercise with increasing difficulty while monitoring the heart rate, rhythm, and blood pressure. There are different types of stress test exercise, which caters to various kind of people, that you need to know.

Dobutamine or Adenosine Stress Test

This type of stress test is fit for people who have a weak body to exercise. It also includes individuals who are unable to move due to muscle or bone problems, and to those people who experience immobility. Doctors in Cranbourne medical centre who perform this test uses a drug or medicine to make the person feels like they are exercising. Moreover, the treatment determines how the heart becomes stress due to the drug.

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Stress Echocardiogram

Stress Echocardiography test, also called stress echo,  uses images from ultrasound to show the rhythm of the heart’s movement. Moreover, it also photographs the heart muscle and how it pumps blood to supply all over one’s body. The treatment allows a patient to run on a treadmill or a stationary bicycle to increase the heart’s stress. What’s unique in this test is that Cranbourne medical centre doctors used this to detect blood flow decrease that other tests cannot determine. The anomaly in blood flow can come from narrowing of the arteries, which is crucial to the blood flow.

Nuclear Stress Test

This stress test uses radioactivity to visualize blood flow of the heart, both when at rest or during activity. However, patients don’t need to worry about the radioactive material as Cranbourne medical centre assures that it doesn’t pose harm to the body. The test also determines which part of the heart is healthy enough to function and which sections need treatment. There’s a different camera that doctors need to use to see how much the radioactive substance shows rays within the body. Thus, it creates a clear picture that monitors the heart. The radioactive material, thallium, is observable to those areas that show decreased blood flow.

Stress Test Exercise Benefits

With how the stress test exercise works, it became an essential treatment for doctors. Here are the reasons why they urge people to do so.

  • It monitors if the heart provides enough blood throughout the body during increased activity.
  • It determines how effective heart medications if a patient is taking any.
  • It checks the possibility of having diseases like coronary heart disease and abnormal heart rates.

There are different types of stress test exercise that caters to different people and your place’s medical availability. However, it’s essential to consult your doctor to learn further what type of test you needed to determine your heart’s stress and rhythm. Keep in mind that prevention is better than cure, so take care of your heart to avoid complications.

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