What are the things that make you love and hate Botox Injection?

Us humans, we are mortal beings. Mortality means as time goes on, we will get older, and with ageing, comes together wrinkles. Since the early times, humans had been looking for ways to avoid ageing and what’s not to hide than the most obvious signs of ageing on your face, wrinkles! One of the most popular solutions to sort out wrinkles is Botox. Botox is a rather short and popular term for Botulinum Toxin. It is actually the toxin of a bacteria called Clostridium botulinum. Hence, the name. And yes, it is as if you injected yourself with a bacterium. But the minute amount injected doesn’t have an effect systematically, as it works locally.

By all means, getting a Botox injection always works miracles on wrinkles. It works like an iron that smoothens out your wrinkles. No more weird lines that look like a birds feet forming at the side of your eye when smiling, no more straight lines across the forehead when you raise your brow in question and no more giveaway frowning sign on your face. Having said that, no matter how amazing the ironing is done by Botox is, it doesn’t work on wrinkles formed due to sunlight exposure and gravity. Hence, no matter how effective Botox is, it doesn’t allow you to skip sunblock and facial massage or save you from a natural phenomenon.

Another thing we love about Botox is the procedure;  it is a pretty straight forward and minimally invasive procedure. The procedure doesn’t require much preparation, unlike surgery. You literally come into the clinic, show your wrinkle, get about 3 injections for each concerned area and 24 hours later, Botox did its magic. Nevertheless, bear in mind that minimally invasive is still invasive. Among most people, the injection is just a tiny ant bite. Others, however, might disfavour the small pain inflicted and a few days of swelling afterwards. But one need not worry much as the doctors will manage this by applying a layer of anaesthetic to numb the pain. To soothe the swelling, you can put on some cream and do a cold compress.

Furthermore, we are fond of the fact that each Botox session cost much lower than other wrinkle-smoothing alternatives. Anywhere in Kuala Lumpur, you can get Botox session at a price less than a thousand ringgit. In my opinion, Botox is a good and reasonable option for someone looking for a temporary and quick fix. On the contrary, the downside is that the charm of Botox may last for only 6 months. After the term ended, the toxin stop working on the muscles but the effect remains as the muscles were trained to not contract for 6 months hence stopping the ageing for about 6 months age.

Finally, these pros and cons of having a Botox should allow a woman to make their own choice whether to go for it or not. Botox is a great way to feel good about your skin while still maintaining your natural beauty. It is a choice not limited only to old women but younger women having wrinkled skin problems as well.

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