Various Applications of Radiology

Various Applications of Radiology

Radiology is a very important aspect of medicine. It is one of the many diagnostic techniques ever developed in the medical field.  The technique has contributed quite a lot to the medical world.  With its aid, it is now easy to investigate several internal injuries and illnesses. It is not only used in diagnosing bone-related problems, but can also be used in investigating other health issues like pulmonary tuberculosis. Interventional radiology australia can tell the medical professionals a lot about what is going on inside you; this will make treatment a lot easier than ever.


Check below for the many benefits of this medical diagnostic method:

  • It is useful for eliminating exploratory surgery
  • It can help to determine if and when a patient will need surgery
  • It can be used in making cogent diagnosis so that the doctor can know which further management should be done.
  • It is not only reliable for diagnosis, but also useful for treatment. It does not involve much risk and the recovery time is always shorter compared to several other procedures.  As a result, the patient will not have to spend a long time on a hospital bed; going through surgical procedures like laparoscopy or open surgery can require a long time before healing
  • It can be used to provide visual guidance to the doctor when managing conditions like stroke or heart disease.
  • Intervention radiology Australia procedure can be used to screen for diseases, like breast cancer.  studies have shown that early detection of breast cancer, which is possible with the technique, can lower the mortality rate
  • Furthermore, the procedure can help to improve the quality and reliability of cancer diagnosis. Furthermore, it is an effective form of treatment for several forms of diseases.

Interventional radiology australia

The various procedures

Radiology procedures come in different forms. Some of them are mentioned below:

  • Computed Tomography scans (CT): It can visualize the internal part of the body and provide details of growths or problems that may be in there. It can remove the need for exploratory or invasive surgery.
  • Magnetic Resonance Imaging scans (MRI): It can produce a 3D image of the internal organs and soft tissue, including muscles.  It makes use of a powerful radio wave and magnets for creating perfect pictures of the internal organs
  • Nuclear Medicine: It is used in diagnosing and observing the functioning of internal organs
  • Positron Emission Tomography scan (PET): It is a nuclear medicine imaging test involving injecting  a liquid enriched with radioactive material into the human body It can detect cancer growths  at their early stage
  • Ultrasound: It is safe, easy to perform and delivers quick result. This procedure does not involve the use of any radiation. It can be used to monitor the development of the fetus
  • X-rays: It can also be called plain radiography and had been in use for more than 100 years now.

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