How to Pass a Hair Follicle Test with Shampoo for Drug Tests

The worst thing that could happen to anyone is prepared for any drug screening,which is popular among employers. You have probably checked online for numerous solutions, and you have found that answers are incomplete and overwhelming.

You do not have to worry, because there are ways to pass it but you have to be consistent along the way. It does not matter if you are doing it for a new job that you wish to start working for, or your employer has told you to prepare for random drug testing.

In both cases, you have to pass it if you wish to remain in a position, which could be challenging if you enjoy consuming pot or other drugs altogether. You should check out the review on detox shampoo that will help you handle this particular problem with ease.

Ways to Pass a Hair Drug Test

  • ShaveYourselfCompletely – The first thing that tends to pop up in your head is probably an idea to shave entirely so that you can avoid being tested, which seems logical at first, but beware. It will require at least five to ten days for your hair to absorb drug metabolites, which means that you can trim your body as the opportunity to avoid failing the test. Imagine that you smoke some pot during the weekend, and you wish to remove all your body hair on By Friday, you will have some pieces of hair growth, and the drugs will be inside. The newly hair will also have drug traced to it, which means that you will fail a test in general. Therefore, the question is will this particular procedure work. It may work, but you have to think about timing and make it highly accurate if you wish to create a difference. At the same time, avoid thinking about appearance, because you will be completely shaved.
  • Detox Shampoo – So if you wish to avoid shaving your head and entire body, you can do it and find another, more effective way to avoid being fired. You can find many shampoos available on the market such as Old School Aloe Rid Detox Shampoo for instance. The main idea between this particular product is that it comes with plenty of testimonials that it works, but you have to follow every single step that the manufacturer Even though it is more expensive than other solutions on the market, when you have in mind that you will be able to cleanse your hair thoroughly, you will take it. At the same time, you do not have to change your appearance, which is another fundamental reason why you should consider this particular shampoo instead.

Facts You Should Know About Hair Drug Testing

If someone wants to check whether you have been using drugs for a long term, they will use this particular type of screening as the best way to do it. Of course, they can also choose other tests as well,such as urinalysis.

The main problem with conventional drug tests is that there are numerous ways to cheat them, which means that hair tests are almost unbeatable. Check out this link: to learn more on drug tests in general.

The reason for that is that follicles will have traces of drugs that you have consumed in the last three months, which is not the case with other tests that we have mentioned above.

When you consider the facts, this particular type of screening is one of the most accurate ways to see whether someone is abusing drugs for a long time or not.

Even though natural detoxification methods frequently cleanse your blood and urine, hair tends to last much longer, especially if you are female. That is the main reason why your hair can tell everything that you have consumed throughout the years, based on the length of course.

Even though it can tell pass usages that can go from the very beginning, the administrators are checking the last three months as the most accurate ways of presenting.

Frequently Asked Questions on Hair Follicle Drug Tests

  • Is It Accurate? – We have mentioned above that this particular type of screening is one of the most precise and accurate. According to labs and administrators, it features a 99% accuracy rate, which is not the case with other tests that labs are commonly providing. Of course, numerous factors can affect the outcome, which is the main reason why you should consider detox shampoo that will help you along the way.
  • Which Types Of Drugs Will You Be Tested For? – Similarly,like other types of screenings, the most common drugs that will appear on this particular type of testing include cocaine, weed, heroin, morphine, ecstasy, while others can also check whether you are consuming prescription medications as well.
  • What happens if you are Bold? – This is a valid question that most people are asking, what will happen if you are entirely bold? However, the logic states that they do not have to take samples from your head. Instead, they can take hair from other areas of your body as well.


As you can see from everything, we have mentioned above, this particular type of screening is one of the most efficient, accurate, and difficult to cheat. However, there are ways to do it, and that is light at the end of the tunnel that you should remember.

Of course, it requires you to work along the way and to abstain during the procedure, but you can find appropriate detox shampoo that will help you reduce the hassle.

The first line of defense is to abstain completely, but if you do not have a period that will allow you to do it and you do not want to shave completely, check out Aloe Rid shampoo that will provide you everything you always wanted.

The main problem with it is the high price tag, but you will get everything you need from it, and you will also remain in your working position as well.

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