Hair Follicle Detox for Drug Testing: Passing the Test for Cannabis

According to studies, follicle or hair drug test is considered as the fasted method used by many companies to detect drug use from their employees, and among all drug substances, marijuana still tops the list of elements that are tested for.

Cannabis components like THC or tetrahydrocannabinol stay in your bloodstream or your system the longest. If you want to learn how to pass a hair drug test easily, keep on reading to know more about detoxification products, the process of narcotics testing that is involved and anything in between

How long does cannabis stay in your body or your hair?

According to studies, it will take approximately five days for cannabis to show up in the shaft and it will continue to be detectable in the follicles for 90 to 120 days or three to four months. This simple principle can understand the presence of cannabis and other narcotics components in your hair shaft.

Cannabis is ingested in your system and circulates throughout your bloodstream and into your urine, saliva, blood and your hair via the bloodstream. The narcotics elements that are deposited in your hair are trapped in the shaft as your hair grows from your follicles. The average growth rate is approximately one and a half inches per three months or half an inch per month.

Drug screening laboratory test for the toxin metabolite that is trapped in the shaft core. Actual use can be measured according to the length of the sample from the scalp line, but an accurate time of usage is impossible to know. Laboratories can’t tell the difference between tetrahydrocannabinol metabolites that are ingested 14 days ago from the metabolites that are ingested one or two days ago.

A one and a half inches long sample are measured from the scalp line for all follicle drug screening. Based on the average growth rate of half an inch per month, it can be determined that a positive drug test result would suggest that cannabis was ingested more or less 90 to 120 days or three to four months.

Can drug elements like tetrahydrocannabinol simply be washed out of your system?

Narcotics components like THC that are stored in your follicles are structure and chemically stable on your body’s hair shaft; they cannot simply be removed, bleached or scrubbed out with regular cleaners or shampoos. Only medical grade or specialized detoxifying shampoos can remove the traces of substance components and the metabolites that they produce from your follicles.

How does detoxification shampoo work?

Detoxifying shampoos were initially designed to remove any free radicals, or contaminant remover to eliminate any toxin and toxins metabolites from medications administered as well as prescription medications during surgeries. The shampoo has an acidic base that helps destroy toxins metabolite, but it does not damage your scalp or your hair. The product is not toxin specific; it means that the product eliminates metabolites from toxin sources that includes narcotics like marijuana or meth.

How can you clean cannabis components out of your system? Here are some practical options:

Naturally detoxify your urine, hair or blood for 90 days

Your body can detoxify naturally of any toxins like cannabis in more or less 30 days. Once the urine and blood us clean, your shaft core will also become clean of any traces of marijuana, and after 90 to 120 days or roughly three to four months of hair growth your new samples will be squeaky clean

To know how drug passes through our body, check out


Permanently clean your body using drug detoxification shampoo

You can thoroughly, and permanently detoxify your body by using strong detoxification shampoos and permanently remove any traces of drug components and toxins like tetrahydrocannabinol.

Cleanse your system for 24 to 48 hours using temporary flush

If you do not have time to detoxify your system before your drug test, there is a less popular, effective but temporary way to remove any toxins in your body. By using temporary detox products like Temporary Flush, any toxins found in your blood, urine or hair can be temporarily removed in time for your scheduled drug test.

As we have explained in this article, cleaning the shaft core and not completely detoxify your system will only create a temporary removal of narcotics components or toxins like tetrahydrocannabinol in your systems and it will be re-introduced into your follicles, causing it to be compromised again and will give you an undesirable drug test result.

Can testing laboratories test any hairs in your body? What if the individual has short hair, bald or has conditions like alopecia?

Samples used for hair follicle drug screening can be collected from a different head location or can be combined with samples collected from other body parts like your arms, legs, chest, armpits or private parts to get the required amount of sample for testing and get an accurate result.

But according to laboratory technicians performing the screenings, the perfect location to collect test samples is from the crown of your head. But if your head does not have enough hair or the sample is too short, samples collected from other parts of your body can also be used for the testing.

If the sample that is collected from different parts of your body is used, the time frame that is represented by the screening will be approximately twelve months or one year, because of the difference in the growth pattern of the sample from your head and the sample collected from the rest of your body.

While body hair is acknowledged to have a longer time frame compared to the samples collected from your head, the specific time frame of narcotics use can’t be identified because of the high variability in growth rate. That is why this type of drug screening is considered as the most challenging test to cheat and the impossible to fake because of the rigorous steps that are performed and the specific test samples that are being collected.

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