Everything to Know About Knee Pillows

Everything to Know About Knee Pillows

Knee pillows come in multiple models and brands, all of which vary in quality and dimensions. The majority of knee pillows available have a thickness of six and four inches and a width of about 10 inches. These pillows are a bit lighter when compare to the everyday sleeping pillows with most of them weighing about a pound. Learn everything there is to know about knee pillow, including features, qualities, and shapes.

Common Types and Shapes

  • Hourglass—this type of knee cushion is considered the cheapest and most readily available. Its hourglass contouring conforms to the knee’s curvature to provide the needed comfort and prevent joint pains.
  • The wedge type—this type of a pillow for knees has a half-moon or triangular shape. It’s widely common among back sleepers as it fits well beneath the knees to offer optimal comfort. This type of knee cushion is as well common among side sleepers.
  • Body type pillow—the body type pillow is quite long and of the same length as the innate human’s body figure. These types of knee pillows aren’t primarily made for placing between the knees, but that doesn’t mean they cannot be used between the knees.

Who Are Knee Pillows Suited For?

Knee pillows are created primarily to aid in eradicating the pain in the hips and back. They are also used widely to help in alleviating tension in your calves and hamstrings.  Anyone can use knee pillows, but they are most suited for people such as:

  • Side sleepers—side sleepers tend to experience discomforts when one leg rests on the other, or the knees rub with each other. Knee pillows help alleviate the situation by creating a thick and cushioning barrier to aids keep the legs apart.
  • Back sleepers—back sleepers also benefit a lot from knee pillows. Placing knee cushions below your knees helps to alleviate extreme pressure and relieve tension.  That works amazingly to elevate your lower body, which aligns it and aids to enhance the circulation of blood to the legs.
  • Pregnant women—pregnant women also find knee cushions great. When pregnant women place a pillow between their knees, it aids to lower the pressure in the pelvis and hips. The knee pillows as well as aid to align the spine, preventing issues with their increasing size.
  • Those with knee and back pain—people experience back and knee pain can also benefit from the use of knee cushion. These work in a fantastic way to alleviate the discomforts people experience while undergoing pain on their backs and knee resulting from body stress and injuries.

Those with restless legs syndrome—Restless legs syndrome is as well-known as RLS, and it’s a rare medical condition that is mostly categorized by painful leg sensation, especially when resting on the bed. It’s known to make people move their legs overly at night. The best thing about knee pillows is that they offer added stability to ensure you don’t move your legs excessively at night. So if you have restless legs syndrome, you should consider getting a knee pillow.

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