How Teeth Care Can Prove To Be The Best Dental Braces Clinic In Kolkata

As proof of prose, a happy smile represents a happy life. It is not only a significant marker of someone’s beauty but more importantly, dental problems can often be connected to other nerves as well as brain problems. That is why taking optimum care of your dental health is necessary. Even if you don’t have any dental problems so far, there is no guarantee that it will remain so in the future. And it is always better to be prepared then to act under panic. Given here is the destination of the best dental clinic in Kolkata, and in this article, you will find out why they deserve the Crown.

Cost-efficient dental braces

Teeth care is one of the best dental braces clinics in Kolkata, where each patient is uniquely taken care of. With several factors impacting the total cost of the care, sometimes it becomes difficult for the patients to manage cost in other areas, however here in teeth care you will be surprised to find the charges atom minimum. Among different types of dental braces like ceramic dental braces, metal dental braces, invisible dental braces, the price range extends from Rs. 25000 to up to Rs. 30000.

How long should someone wear their dental braces?

In some orthodontic cases, the time frame is not as long as one had expected and the whole process can be completed within 12 months. In other cases where some more complicated steps are required and movement of teeth needs more time, the process can last as long as 24 months. Duration of the treatment in the best dental braces clinics in Kolkata varies from one place to another depending on several factors such as the required amount of one tooth movement, age of the patient, overbite and amount of overjet, compliance on behalf of the patient, etc.

Tooth extraction process and details

Sometimes, patients, do we wait for the clinic with an acute dental problem like a cavity in their teeth, and in some cases when someone has been in an accident and some of their teeth have been damaged. Although many of them are unwilling to extract their original tooth and then replace it with artificial and advanced options sometimes it is the best solution available.


In some other cases, there is severe crowding is caused by inadequate space within the mouth, and extraction of one tooth par quadrant becomes necessary. However, the decision of the extraction can only be taken aftera thorough examination of the top orthodontist and then with the constant of a radiographer.

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