A Mouth-Saving Procedure that Will Bring Your Smile Back

A Mouth-Saving Procedure that Will Bring Your Smile Back

The teeth are essential parts of our mouth. It helps us speak and pronounce words properly, chew and digest food, and it provides shape to our faces. Without our teeth, we wouldn’t be able to do everything mentioned above. That’s why it’s crucial to always take care of your teeth by brushing two to three times a day, flossing, and having regular dental check-ups. Because if worse comes to worst, you will have a hard time trying to fix your teeth if the damage looks like it’s already beyond repair.

But thankfully, modern technology allowed dentists to find ways to fix our teeth, no matter how severe the problem may be. One of those treatments is through the all on 4 procedure. KewDentistry offers this procedure to anyone looking for a solution to fix their teeth. But some factors need to be looked at before you can get the All-on-4 procedure. Let’s understand what this procedure is first here.

Understanding what the All-on-4 Procedure Is

all on 4 procedure

The All-on-4 procedure is one of the modern solutions that can replace an entire mouth of teeth. Dr Alex Fibishenko first brought this procedure to Australia, and it’s the process of replacing all of your teeth based on only four dental implants. It avoids bone grafting because there are back implants which are titled, which helps support full-mouth rehabilitation. The treatment is fast and efficient, which only lasts two to three days. Without the need for bone grafting, it’s a cost-effective solution that’s more efficient and effective. It won’t cost as much, too, because no invasive surgery is required.

KewDentistry is one of the top dental clinics in Australia, thanks to its partnership with Dr Fibishenk, the man who brought this procedure to Australia. They are the experts in All-on-4 procedures, and you can trust them to help you with your problems. They will first fo a consultation to determine if this kind of procedure is needed or if there are any other less invasive treatments you can utilize.

What Problems will the All-on-4 Procedure Cure?

For an immediate solution for full mouth rehabilitation, the All-on-4 procedure is your best choice. Most patients who get this procedure have severely decaying teeth or are suffering from extensive gum disease. However, this kind of procedure can also help patients with problems such as a failed root canal treatment, deteriorating teeth, uncomfortable or loose dentures, a collapse of the bite due to wear, missing teeth or erosions, failing crowns or bridges, or multiple missing teeth.

KewDentistry also offers the All-on-4 Plus, which are other treatments or additional procedures to be done alongside All-on-4. These are bone grafting, additional implants, soft tissue repositioning, and more. It depends on what other procedures are needed to help you get your beautiful smile back. It can increase comfort, aesthetics, and teeth function. The results are immediate and long-lasting, which is what most patients want. It’s the permanent solution you always wanted. Plus, it will improve your facial structure because it provides additional support to your jawbone. It’s cost-effective and can solve multiple problems at once!

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