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5 myths about your teeth you didn’t know

We all have the habit of reading magazines, newspapers or online blogs. Now the question is everything you read online or in such magazines worth believing or not? maybe the answer is no. There are some myths that we still believe about our skin, teeth and horoscope. But now it’s time to enlighten on such commonly believed myths. Here we will talk about 5 most believed myths about your teeth that may you believe still now.

Myth 1– Brushing has no boundary of time: some people used to believe that brushing can be done anytime they wish. But this is not true at all. Rather it’s a myth that some people believe for years and they are absolutely unaware about it. Let’s make them aware. Brushing your teeth right before you sleep is essential. During the night our mouth produces less saliva which is a threat for our set of teeth. So yes brushing has no time bounds is completely a myth that needs to be changed. Brush your teeth right after waking up and right before sleeping.

Myth 2– Food has nothing to do with teeth- This one you must have heard from some people. It’s the most believed myth that is harming our teeth everyday. So, now it’s time to break it. According to the dentists, our food habit is the reason for serious dental problems. Eating a lot of sugar containing foods like chocolates, soda, and soft drinks is the most common reason why people develop tooth damage despite brushing regularly.

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Myth 3– Dental treatments are not permanent- Some people just keep ignoring dental issues by believing in this myth. This is another dental myth that we need to break immediately. Dental treatments like Dental implant London, root canals are permanent unless you get harsh on your teeth. So stop believing in this myth right now and go for dental treatments right away.

Myth 4– we can live healthy with a poor oral health- There are people who used to believe we can live healthy with a damaged set of teeth. Do you also believe in this one? Then let us clear your confusion. Our oral health is directly connected with our entire physiological system. Tooth infections that are caused by bacteria are highly dangerous for our immune system. The bacteria your tooth develops can affect the bloodstream and can make your overall health weak.

Myth 5– You don’t need to go to a dentist unless you feel toothache- Some people consider regular dental check-ups a luxury. They don’t go to a dentist until they experience a toothache. Stop believing in this myth right away and cultivate the habit of going for a monthly dental check-up.

All the above listed myths are most commonly heard. Maybe you didn’t know these are myths. We Hope this article made you aware.

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